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Coyote Sighting Report Form


Residents may have noticed an increased presence of coyotes in their yards lately.  Mating and birthing months of the coyote encompass January, February, and March each year.  While coyotes tend to be more protective and territorial during this time, please be aware that attacks on humans are incredibly rare. Attacks on pets, however, can occur but you can take steps to prevent coyotes from entering your yard, such as: 

  • Eliminating outdoor pet food, cleaning the grill area including the grease tray, and avoid garbage cans being stored outside when an indoor (garage) option exists.
  • Consider using a tray under your bird feeder to eliminate seeds from dropping on the ground.
  • Take your pet out on a leash; coyotes can scale fences.
  • Employ hazing techniques when you see a coyote on your property. The most common technique is to make yourself appear larger by waving your arms above your head and yelling at the animal.

Safe practices with pets should take place year-round, as culling or thinning the presence of coyotes is an exercise in futility.  If, however, a coyote appears to be aggressive or dangerous, residents can hire a nuisance trapper.  Please be aware that trappers can be expensive and the snare method used can be quite painful and inhumane for the animal.  The goal is peaceful cohabitation and NOT removal of the animal.


The Village is providing a Coyote Sighting Report Form in an effort to document the prevalence and concentration of coyotes within our borders.  This information can then be used for direct messaging purposes and to mitigate any issues that requires attention, such as the presence of a defined nuisance animal.  Please do not call our Police Department to report a sighting, but use the form instead.  Our officers are not able to put the animal down, unless of course it is severely injured.

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