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A Message from Mayor Susan C. Renda

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The rest of the literature was sent by a legally registered Political Action Committee (PAC). In contrast, as you probably know, a negative campaign piece was sent out about issue 70 in late October. It turns out it was sent out by someone who had not actually registered his PAC as was indicated in the literature. A citizen who was upset by the message contacted the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State. Everyone is allowed to express his/her opinion but there are rules governing how that expression gets disseminated. These rules are written by the State and available through the Cuyahoga Board of Elections.

The Village has not received any plans for the acreage covered by Issue 70 and probably will not in the immediate future. Once plans are received a long a complicated review process will ensue. I will try to keep you informed and aware of the steps as they unfold.

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