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Police Department

Additional Information

The Moreland Hills Police Department’s mission is to protect and serve the public through police action and interaction using accepted practices and procedures. In carrying out this mission, we will strive to make certain that the citizens of the Village of Moreland Hills are afforded the best protection and service that we can provide and to progress to become the finest police department in the United States of America.

The MH Police non-emergency number is 440-248-7585 and the Dispatch non-emergency number is 440-247-7321. “Like” them on Facebook

Moreland Hills Village Police Department Staff

Police Chief Kevin Wyant  Ptl. Joshua White
Lt. Todd Dietzel Ptl. Gary Byers
Sgt. Ross Fowler Ptl. Jeff Canter
Sgt. Michael Pinizzotto Ptl. Tom Pate
Sgt. Caroline Tackla Ptl. Laura Park
Det. Scott Williams Ptl. Mark Toth
Ptl. Anthony Buzecan Ptl. Donn Breckenridge
Ptl. Joseph Scolaro Ptl. Preston LaFrance
Ptl. Scott Bennett  Ptl. Lance Priest
Kathy Konicky, Admin. Asst.  


“Grandparent Scam”  

A Grandparent Scam is when a con artist calls or emails the victim posing as a grandchild (relative) in distress or someone claiming to represent that relative (lawyer or law enforcement agent). The "relative" of the grandparent explains that he/she is in trouble and needs their grandparent to wire them funds that will be used for bail money, lawyer’s fees, hospital bills, or another fictitious expense.  Often times they say they have been injured (broken nose) which is why they may not sound like themselves.

The “grandchild” also urges the grandparent not to tell anyone, such as the parent of the “grandchild” because they do not want them to find out about the trouble they've gotten themselves into. The grandparent never hears from their fake grandchild again and is tricked out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The following tips are recommended to avoid and detect such a scam:

Beware of any urgent solicitation of funds, especially if it is needed to pay for unexpected bills, such as bail money, lawyer’s fees, or doctor bills

  • Before sending funds, independently contact the relative (or parent of the relative) that the scam artist is claiming to be (or represent) at a known phone number to verify the details of the story      
  • Any urgent request to wire money should be treated suspiciously because the payment method of choice for a scam artist is the wire transfer
  • Be aware that fraudsters attempting the Grandparent Scam may call late at night to confuse potential victims.  
  • Consumers who have been victims of this scam should immediately report it to local law enforcement        

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